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2019 National Drive Electric Week - Photo Credit Johan Verink

 Electric Vehicles
. . . a better technology

Together, we will create
a better future

for the air, 
for the environment,

 . . . and have more FUN driving!
Raejean Fellows
President, EAA

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To join a chapter, where you can connect with like-minded people.
People, like you, who are passionate about EVs and the environment.

Our grass-roots efforts through 80+ chapters, nationally, and internationally, educate and advocate for rapid EV adoption through local outreach. 

Enjoy the latest global and local EV news published each month in our Current EVents, member magazine.

With the people you will meet, the information and learning you will gain,  belonging to a local chapter of the Electric Auto Association will give you a welcoming place to use your talents to effect change in our world.

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1,350,000 EVs sold in the United States
 . . .and growing!

Electric Auto Association
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