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No Parking Except EVs
No Parking Except EVs
In Stock
No Parking Except EVs Sign
Sizes include:
- Extra Large Metal (Aluminum) : 12" x 18" with mounting holes
- Large Vinyl : 9"H x 6.5"W  - fits on the front of all inductive chargers. 
- Medium Vinyl : 7"H x 5"W - fits on the side of GM Gen II or TAL inductive chargers. 
- Small Vinyl :  6"H x 3.5"W - fits on EVI ICS and ClipperCreek CS charging stations
Additional Charges outside of the USA.
SKU Size Other Info Status Price ($)
X-Large Aluminum In Stock 49.00  
Medium Vinyl In Stock 9.00  
Small Vinyl In Stock 7.00  
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