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Ask An Owner


Individuals and families considering the purchase of an electric vehicle for the first time may be understandably nervous about committing to such an expensive, unfamiliar purchase. Sometimes rather than talk to a car salesperson, you may find yourself wishing you could just talk to someone who already owns the car.


Now you can.


EVEVA is assembling a list of owners of Teslas, Leafs, Bolts, i3s, Konas, Niros, and others who are willing to chat with potential EV buyers about their experiences. We also have folks who can talk about installing a home charging system, charging up when traveling, and other topics of great interest to the prospective EV owner.


Send a message to with your name, email, a phone number, and the particular car or system you have a question about, and we will have one of our EV owners give you call.

EVEVA is still looking for local EV owners who would like to be an "Ask An Owner" resource, or who would like to give a video testimonial. We encourage EV owners to write up their EV experience for EWEB too. If you are interested, contact us at

Electrifyze Lane County

If you are feeling overwhelmed in the unfamiliar terrain of electric vehicles and just wish you had a single resource -- or even a coach -- to guide you, you are in luck. Two local utilities -- EWEB and EPUD -- and a nonprofit electric vehicle organization called Forth have teamed up to provide exactly this service. Electrifyze will take you from learning electric vehicle basics all the way to assisting you in finding specific models that will meet your needs. You can find Electrifyze at:

Driver Testimonials


Not sure what questions to ask, but you would still like some information from local EV owners? You can still contact us at the email address above, but you can also check out the EV Driver Testimonials that EWEB posts periodically at its website.

The write-ups are from EWEB customers who have made the switch to electric vehicles, and you may find them helpful for making your own decision.

EVEVA also has a YouTube channel with videos of our local owners talking about their cars. Check them out below!

Chevrolet Bolt

Sid Baum

Nissan Leaf

Jim Neu

Tesla Model S

Phil Barnhart