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The national board of the Electric Auto Association is made up of board members from across the U.S. They are each passionate about educating communities about the benefits of driving electric vehicles.    

Raejean Fellows


Raejean Fellows is president of the Electric Auto Association and works with the board of directors to ensure the success of more than 90 chapters working to educate their communities about the benefits of driving electric. Prior to her role as president Raejean oversaw the organization’s grassroots event efforts and was able to achieve outstanding growth through building effective event managers and public speakers, as well as increase the number of members. 

Raejean spent 23 years as a successful entrepreneur in the staffing industry, and since then has dedicated her work to non-profits making impacts in sustainability. Raejean led the volunteer efforts of a large land preserve in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she guided board policies that positively impacted this growing corps as stewards of the land.

Desirous of a retirement lifestyle that eliminated fossil fuels in her home and car, a solar roof and a KIA Soul EV+ fulfilled this dream. Raejean is honored to lead Electric Auto Association at a time when the movement toward cleaner, better technologies of electric vehicles plays such an important role in communities across North America.

Tim Benford Vice President 

Tim Benford was educated at Solihull School at The Royal Air Force College Cranwell, and The Open University in the United Kingdom. During his 20-year career as a logistics officer with the Royal Air Force, Tim was stationed in 1975 at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. It was there that Tim grew an affinity for the U.S. and lives here today. 
Prior to his retirement, Tim career path lead him to work as a defense logistics consultant, enterprise software salesman, an IT program and project manager. He has lived and worked in England, Northern Ireland, the Caribbean and Persian Gulf.
Upon the announcement of the release of the Tesla Model 3, Tim reserved a vehicle and opened a Facebook page for fellow Model 3 fans in Dayton. It was through this effort that Tim discovered Clean Fuels Ohio and agreed to form a local electric vehicle group, named Drive Electric Dayton. Within two years, Tim grew the group to more than 450 members and joined the Electric Auto Association as a chapter. 

In 2019 alone Drive Electric Dayton hosted more than 40 experiential events to promote the benefits of driving electric. It is through these events that the Dayton region continues to learn about the fact that electric vehicles are fun to drive and cost less to fuel and maintain.


Guy Hall


Guy Hall is the secretary of the Electric Auto Association. He is a global technologist with 29 years of research and development leadership for Hewlett Packard. Guy became interested in electric vehicles in 2010 as a solution to the planet’s environmental, economic and security challenges. 

His passion for driving electric helped expand the Electric Auto Association’s Sacramento Chapter membership 10-fold to 600 members as the chapter president. The chapter is well-known for hosting robust educational electric vehicle events throughout the Sacramento region. 

In 2015, Guy became the first electric vehicle driver to drive from Fairbanks, Alaska through Canada, across the U.S. and down to Tijuana in his Tesla. He leveraged the attention of this first-of-its-kind international drive to promote the benefits of electric transportation with utilities, government agencies, news media outlets and community members of each location he passed through. 

Guy resides on the Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition board of director, and is part of a family of electric vehicle enthusiasts that drive three Nissan LEAFs, a Chevy Volt, and Tesla Model X.

April Bolduc Treasurer

April Bolduc is president of S Curve Strategies and works with utilities and states across the U.S. developing and implementing emobility infrastructure, partnership and outreach strategies. Her holistic approach to transportation electrification program development is her key to success. 

Prior to forming S Curve Strategies, a certified women-owned business, April lead San Diego Gas & Electric’s electric vehicle customer engagement team where she planned hundreds of electric vehicle events and test drives. 

April is treasurer of the Electric Auto Association. She is also the co-chair of the Smart Electric Power Alliance’s EV Working Group’s “Distribution Planning Committee.” 

April speaks at many electric vehicle industry conferences about the benefits of developing wholistic emobility programs. 

April has been driving electric since 2011. 

Elaine Borseth

Elaine Borseth
Membership Director

Elaine Borseth is the Membership Director of the Electric Auto Association. Growing up in Detroit fueled Elaine’s love of all types of cars. Her passion is electric vehicles her first electric cross-country trip was 16,000 miles and took place one week after retiring in 2015. 

Elaine is passionate about driving electric and works to inspire others to get involved in educating and advocating for the rapid adoption of electric vehicles wherever the road leads her – in her own neighborhood or driving through neighborhoods thousands of miles away from her San Diego hometown. 

Elaine has demonstrated her success in growing the adoption of electric vehicles as past President and current Vice President of the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego – now the largest of the nonprofit’s chapters. She is excited about volunteering her time to add more chapters and members in the U.S. and around the world to the growing Electric Auto Association.

Dr. Shelley Francis Director

Dr. Shelley Francis, a former Medical School Faculty member, is a public health executive, entrepreneur and transportation disruptor. She is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of EVNoire Mobility Intelligence Consulting Group (EVNoire) and EVHybridNoire.

She is laser-focused and passionate about educating a wider community about hte health, financial and other benefits of clean transportation and EVs -- particularly among Frontline Communities and other audiences impacted by air pollution. 

Shelley is excited to serve on the Electric Auto Association Board and support the growth of new and existing chapters around the globe in this pivotal decade in the EV ecosystem.  

Ron Freund Director

Ron Freund is President Emeritus of the Electric Auto Association. He oversees the monthly development of the organization's Current EVents eMagazine -- a coveted benefit by members of the Electric Auto Association for its in-depth coverage of the electric vehicle industry's latest news. 

Ron served as president of the Electric Auto Association for seventeen years. He has driven electric vehicles for more than 20 years and 250,000 miles. In fact, his family owns four electric vehicles. 

Schooled as an engineer, professionally Ron has expertise in hardware electronics, software engineering and technical training. Ron also serves as a director on the board of Plug In America. 

Marc Geller

Marc Geller Director

Marc Geller is a board member of the Electric Vehicle Association and a longtime advocate and writer in electric vehicle public and corporate policy and related source energy. Marc is co-founder of the Electric Vehicle Association Golden Gate Chapter. 

Marc is co-founded Plug In America and continues his work with both Plug In America and the Electric Vehicle Association to grow the adoption of electric vehicles in the U.S. and other partner countries. Marc is passionate about ensuring one-on-one conversations happen in every community about the benefits of driving electric. 

Marc has leased or owned four electric vehicles since 2001, driving over 170,000 electric miles.

Dennis (Griff) Griffin 


Griff is a retired engineer and creator of the DIY Climate Action Facebook group that educates about the personal actions individuals can take to combat climate change, like driving electric vehicles.

As a director of the Electric Auto Association, Griff is motivated by the fact that the rapid adoption of electric vehicles is critical to the future our grandkids will inherit.  He has been driving electric since 2012, starting with a Chevy Volt and transitioning to a Tesla Model X.

As a strong advocate of the Electric Auto Association mission to educate about the benefits of driving electric, Griff feels that consumer engagement and education are the keys to the rapid transition of transportation electrification.  

Griff believes the Electric Auto Association has a tremendous opportunity to influence the future of the world and has seen the organization’s chapters and membership grow significantly, which demonstrates the boundless appetite for education on the benefits of driving electric. 

John Higham Legislative Affairs and Policy Director

John Higham is the Electric Auto Association Legislative Affairs and Policy Director. He has 28 years of professional experience in aerospace and has developed 11 U.S. patents on various aspects of satellite design and operation.

John’s first electric vehicle was a 1999 Miata that was converted as a father/son project in his dad’s garage, and the electric Miata remains John’s daily driver. His family is also committed to driving electric by first owning a BMW ActiveE and now two BMW i3s. 

John is passionate about effecting change through the legislative process and has lobbied U.S. Congress to positively impact the climate through the adoption of electric cars. 

John participates in many online electric vehicle forums answering questions from new owners as well implementing an Electric Vehicle Public Policy Facebook page that provides an easy way to learn about how to become involved in the legislative process when educating government about the benefits of driving electric. 

John is especially passionate about enabling policy that will bring electric vehicle charging infrastructure to workplaces to enable employee charging, as well as to multi-family communities so those living in apartments and condos have access to charging. 


James Stephens


James Stephens’ passion is to promote electric vehicles for adoption for all and to implement a strategy to carry the U.S. into a sustainably powered electric future. 

James has a professional background in engineering, technical marketing and government sales in the broadcast, telecom and automotive industries.  He was director of engineering for Hewlett Packard’s telecommunications network operations, and prior to that chief engineer for Christian Science Monitor radio and television operations in Boston, MA.   

James has been chapter president of the Electric Vehicle Association Southern Oregon Chapter from President 2014 to present and over that time has hosted more than 100 events that educate communities about the benefits of driving electric and has increased the adoption of electric vehicles in his local region.

Charles Gerena

Chapter Liaison

Charles Gerena is the Electric Auto Association’s Chapter Liaison and helps ensure all chapter leaders have the tools they need to educate their communities about the benefits of driving electric. 

Charles manages the web presence of the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond where he uses the tools of storytelling and digital communication to make economics relevant to people's daily lives. 

Charles holds a bachelor's degree in technical writing from the New York Institute of Technology and is currently a member of the Online News Association. In March 2014, Charles founded the Electric Auto Association Drive Electric Richmond Virginia Chapter where he promotes electric vehicles as a fun and practical transportation alternative that reduces energy consumption and air pollution. 

Russell Corbin
Leader of Student Chapter Development

Russell Corbin is the student director of the Electric Auto Association. A lifelong nature lover and car enthusiast, Russell turned his passions into action at the age of 12 when he convinced his parents to get their first electric car. Since then he has advocated for the transition to a sustainable transportation system, a mission Russell believes to be of utmost importance in the preservation of our planet. 

Russell organized a successful electric vehicle show at his high school, volunteered at countless electric vehicle events through his Electric Vehicle Association Washington DC Chapter, has spoken at events to advocate for electric school buses, provided testimony on electric school buses at the Maryland House of Delegates, and fulfilled an internship with Maryland League of Conservation Voters where he advocated for the benefits of a sustainable future for all. 

Russell is excited to bring his passion for electric vehicles as a board member of the Electric Vehicle Association. He continues to represent his generation as the future car owners and leaders of our world. He looks forward to educating and advocating for electric vehicles with fellow students and youth across the world.