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Emerald Valley Electric Vehicle Association

Where to Buy or Lease an Electric Vehicle

Many car dealerships throughout Oregon now offer models of new electric vehicles, and used EVs could appear on almost any used car lot. Be sure to check out the page EVEVA Save Money with EVs to find out about federal and state rebates, and to calculate how much money you could save.

PlugStar provides an excellent Shopping Assistant to help you figure out which electric car best fits your needs. It then can link to you local dealerships and used car shopping sites to help you find that car.

If you happen to be in Portland, there is an electric vehicle showcase downtown which is operated by the nonprofit educational organization Forth. The showcase has several different makes and models on-hand to test drive, so you can get a sense for the range of vehicles available without having to visit multiple dealerships. Click here or on the logo to visit the website. The showcase is located at 901 SW 1st Avenue in the World Trade Center in Portland.