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Welcome to EVEVA!

The Emerald Valley Electric Vehicle Association is a new chapter of the Electric Auto Association centered in the Eugene-Springfield area in Oregon, but open to all who are interested. We particularly want to engage residents of the upper Willamette Valley and nearby areas from Salem to Roseburg and Florence to Bend.

Who should be a member of - or a participant in - EVEVA?

Anyone who uses a vehicle for transportation, of course. However, you may be particularly motivated if:

... you are interested in acquiring an electric vehicle, but you would like to get more information from experienced EV drivers in your community.

... you are an electric vehicle enthusiast, who would like share your joy with other enthusiasts and with newcomers to the world of EVs.

... you like the idea of fueling your car at home.

... you want to reduce the costs of operating and maintaining a car.

... you want to save the planet by reducing your consumption of fossil fuels.

There are other good reasons for interest in EV's and EVEVA, but those are good ones to start.

OK - I'm in! So now what?

Take a look at the other EVEVA webpages through the menu at the upper left for resources particularly useful to people in the upper Willamette Valley and surrounding areas.

Check out the EVEVA Upcoming Events page for meetings, presentations, and opportunities to see EVs or show off your own!

If you own an EV, send us a testimonial with photos and we will post it on this website. Contact us for further instructions at the email address below.

Join us. For minimal dues, you can join the Electric Auto Association and choose EVEVA as your chapter. Support electric vehicle adoption here and everywhere!

For More Information

Contact us at: