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Interview with San Diego chapter president, Elaine Borseth
Watch a fun interview of San Diego chapter president, Elaine Borseth, ( presented by Ben Sullins at Teslanomics (45 Minutes)


There are two kinds of cars...

Electric Cars & Global Warming Emissions
How much cleaner are EVs than gas cars? A study of total carbon impact of each from manufacture to driving to disposal. 
2 minutes 17 seconds

Maintenance Video 

Drive Electric PSA - by Plug In America
This video (< 1 minute) is about the maintenance costs of an EV.
Hint: Hardly any.

EV Lifestyle Video 
Drive Electric PSA - by Monterey Bay EVA and Ecology Action
This video (<5 minutes) is about case stories of different lifestyles that work for EV owners.*
Hint: Driving electric works for all lifestyles.
*One SUV pictured here is a Toyota Rav4 PHEV. While no longer in production, the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV PHEV is in production and has great popularity with SUV lovers. See Outlander review below.