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Electric Auto Association - YouTube Channel

Additional Favorite Videos Below:

French company, Volare, produces Car Sharing project using companies from around the globe. Produced by Richard Steiner's EAA Indiana chapter, filmed and edited by Drive Electric Dayton member and newly retired CBS cameraman. 

EV Car Sharing in Indianapolis, Indiana

New Jersey Utility:
Jersey Central Power and Light
"3 Cheers for Electric Cars"

Student Video Contest Winner

Sleepy Hollow High School, New York
"Benefits of Electric Cars"

Student, Russell Corbin, coordinates EV Display Event at his High School
Promotion for Russell's Event

Interview with San Diego chapter president, Elaine Borseth
Watch a fun interview of San Diego chapter president, Elaine Borseth, ( presented by Ben Sullins at Teslanomics (45 Minutes)


There are two kinds of cars...

Electric Cars & Global Warming Emissions
How much cleaner are EVs than gas cars? A study of total carbon impact of each from manufacture to driving to disposal. 
2 minutes 17 seconds

Maintenance Video 

Drive Electric PSA - by Plug In America
This video (< 1 minute) is about the maintenance costs of an EV.
Hint: Hardly any.

EV Lifestyle Video 
Drive Electric PSA - by Monterey Bay EVA and Ecology Action
This video (<5 minutes) is about case stories of different lifestyles that work for EV owners.*
Hint: Driving electric works for all lifestyles.
*One SUV pictured here is a Toyota Rav4 PHEV. While no longer in production, the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV PHEV is in production and has great popularity with SUV lovers. See Outlander review below.