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EV Rebates & Credits

EVs are just too expensive.
Did you know you can lease an EV for less than the cost of a cell phone?
You can trade a used gas car for a used EV.

Whatever your price point, there are many cost effective ways to drive electric. 
Let's take a look at the incentives for new car buyers . . .

U.S. Federal Tax Credit 
Up to $7,500 in Federal Tax CREDITS against your tax liability, based on battery size, are available. If you do not have enough of a tax liability, a lease may allow the leasing company to take the tax credit and pass most or all of the credit back to the person leasing the vehicle.
US Federal Income Tax Credit !

State and Local Incentives:


Incentives, to name a few:

• Cash rebates
• No sales tax 
• Cash for first responders/teachers 
• Low-mid income cash rebate 
• Credits on utility bills 
• Free charging at government offices
• Chargers for free or subsidized

Some cities, like Los Angeles offer cash to turn in your old beater gas guzzler.
To find out the incentives available in your state, go to:
Your local chapter's webpage 
Plug In America page here:


It is not uncommon for an EV buyer to get $10,000 in cash and federal tax credit benefits.