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Board of Directors:

Raejean Fellows, President

After 23 years as a successful entrepreneur in the staffing industry, Raejean's second career has been devoted to non-profits. Heading up the volunteer area of a large land preserve in Scottsdale, Arizona, Raejean guided the Board in policies that positively impacted this growing corps of stewards of the land.

Desirous of a retirement lifestyle that eliminated fossil fuels in her home and car, a solar roof and a KIA Soul EV+ fulfilled the dream. Raejean joined the San Diego Chapter of EAA, getting early experience in event management, followed by taking on the President's role. The chapter was able to achieve a remarkable growth rate through building an outstanding team of event management, membership and speaker expertise. Joining the Board in 2018, Raejean is honored to lead EAA, at a time when, the movement towards the cleaner, better technologies of electric vehicles is at such an exciting place.

Marc Geller, Director 

Marc is an advocate and writer in the area of public and corporate policy related to electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and related source energy. Marc was a co-founder of Plug In America. Marc is Vice President of the Electric Auto Association and co-founder of the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association. Marc has leased or owned four electric vehicles since 2001, driving over 170,000 electric miles.

Marina Cerin-Stith, Director

An early adopter and EV advocate, Marina Cerin-Stith is an international Business & Marketing Professional with an excellent knowledge of cultures, languages, economies and business trends. Marina combines expertise in strategic market planning, social media, organizational leadership and project management with strong qualifications in establishing a brand portfolio objective and crafting relevant campaigns and strategic partnerships. A Board President and Director of Programs of SF BayLEAFs, Marina is an active participant in the electric vehicle community through multifaceted roles. She is also a dedicated non-profit volunteer with an extensive history of fundraising, donor relations, events and program management.

Ron Freund, Director, Chairman Emeritus

Ron heads up the very successful Current EVents e-Magazine. He is the former Chairman of the Electric Auto Association, serving in that role for seventeen years. Ron has driven battery powered vehicles for more than twenty, totaling over 250,000 miles. His family owns four BEVs.
Schooled as an engineer, professionally Ron has expertise in hardware electronics, software engineering and technical training. He also currently serves as a director on the Plug In America board.

Guy Hall, Secretary

Guy Hall, a Global Technologist with 29 years of R&D and Leadership for Hewlett Packard across the globe.  He became interested in Electric Vehicles (EVs) in 2010 as a solution to our environmental, economic and security challenges. His drive expanded the Sacramento Electric Auto Association membership ten fold, and as its President, established SacEV as a 600 member regional organization leader for EV knowledge, events and activities.

In 2015, Hall became the first driver to have navigated an EV from the lower 48 through Canada to Fairbanks Alaska in his Tesla Tijuana To Tundra Tour (T5), while promoting electric transportation with utilities, government agencies and news media in route. He is an active Director and Secretary of the national Electric Auto Association and a Director on Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition board. The Hall family currently owns three Nissan LEAFs, a Chevy Volt, and Tesla Model X.


John Higham, Director

28 years professional experience in aerospace. 
BS (1988) MS (1989), Mechanical Engineering, Utah State University
11 U.S. patents on various aspects of satellite design and operation.

John’s first EV was a 1999 Miata that was converted as a father/son project in their garage.  The Miata remains a daily driver. John’s 100% EV committed household has als owned a BMW ActiveE and two BMW i3s. 

John is passionate about effecting change through the legislative process and has lobbied US Congress to positively impact the business climate. 

John is an EV advocate in many online forums answering questions from new owners as well as originating an EV Public Policy Facebook page. This FB page discusses and promotes best practices for EV adoption.  John is especially passionate about enabling policy that will bring EV charging infrastructure to employers and multi-unit dwellings.

Simon Freedman, Vice President
Simon is a retired attorney with 30 years experience. He was an early adopter of solar and is now on his second electric vehicle. Simon looks forward to the day when electric vehicles are so numerous that they are no longer an item of curiosity, and where our abundant renewable energy potential is realized and harnessed to fuel these vehicles

James Stephens, Director

My passion is to promote Electric Vehicles for ALL and to implement a strategy to carry America into the Sustainably-Powered Electric Future.

Professional Background:  Engineering, Technical Marketing and Government Sales professional for over 40 years in the broadcast,
telecom and automotive industries.  Director of Engineering for HP Telecommunications Network operations. Chief Engineer for Christian Science Monitor radio and television operations in Boston, MA.  
Business and Government Technical Sales Rep for Sprint and Verizon Wireless in Medford, OR. Chief Engineer for KSYS-TV in Medford, Oregon.  Lexus and CarMax sales consultant in Glendale and Monrovia, CA.

Education: AA in Electronics – Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA.  Electrical Engineering major - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA.  Advanced IT Network courses at UC – Santa Cruz, CA.  Advanced technical, sales 
and marketing courses while working for Sony Electronics.  Advanced management courses while working for Hewlett-Packard – Palo Alto, CA.

EV Owner/Driver: Tesla Model 3 - 2018 to present.  Plug-In “Conversion” design work and DIY installation completed for 2005 Toyota Prius in 2009 and driven for 6-Years.

Elected EAA Board Member – January 2019.  EAA/SOHEVA Chapter President 2014 to Present – Ashland, OR.  Assisted with Earth Days and Drive Electric Weeks in Southern Oregon since 2014. 

Charles Garena, Chapter Liaison

Charles Garena manages the web presence of the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. He currently focuses on using the tools of storytelling and digital communication to make economics relevant to people's daily lives. Charles holds a bachelor's degree in technical writing from the New York Institute of Technology and is currently a member of the Online News Association. In March 2014, he founded Drive Electric RVA, a EAA chapter that promotes electric vehicles as a fun, practical transportation alternative that also reduces energy consumption and air pollution. This new Richmond, Virginia chapter is a model chapter, having achieved remarkable growth in one year.


Kelly Berry, Treasurer

Kelly Berry is new to electric vehicle ownership, buying a 2016 Tesla Model X60D in September 2018, but she has been captivated by the idea of EVs ever since the launch of GM’s EV1.


With a B.S. in Accounting and a Mathematics minor from the University of Wisconsin - Parkside and an MBA from Marquette University, Kelly currently works as a senior financial analyst for the IT department of TCF Bank. She has subject matter expertise in IT Financial Management, Technology Business Management, and IT financial system implementation and administration.


As Director and Treasurer on the Electric Auto Association board, Kelly is interested in providing the best financial support and information she can to chapter leaders and to the Board of Directors, in service of the mission to educate and encourage EV adoption and better air quality. 


Kelly lives outside of Minneapolis with her spouse, Sean, and their 2 rescue dogs, Jetta and Petey. In her free time, she knits and volunteers with a local dog rescue transport group, giving dogs freedom rides from shelters to fosters and adopters powered by electrons. 


Tim Benford, Director

I was educated at Solihull School, The Royal Air Force College Cranwell, and The Open University in the UK. I had a twenty-year career as a logistics officer in the RAF with a 1975 posting to Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton launching my interest in the USA.


Post-RAF in the USA, I have had a career as a defense logistics consultant, an enterprise software salesman, an IT program and project manager. I have lived and worked in England, Northern Ireland, the Caribbean and Persian Gulf.


When the Model 3 was announced I reserved one and initiated a closed Facebook group for Model 3 fans in Dayton. Discovered via a Facebook search by Clean Fuels Ohio, I agreed to form a local EV group. I called it Drive Electric Dayton (DED). At that time, mid-2017, it was a subsidiary of Drive Electric Ohio and had one member--me. Two years later, DED has 453 members who own 210 BEV/PHEVs, including 122 Teslas. We have had 34 DED events so far in 2019. 


Today, DED is also an Electric Auto Association chapter with 18 Regular members, 2 Charged Up members, 3 Supercharged members, and currently 81 Trial members. Our DED Facebook closed group has 208 members and our Tesla Model 3 Owners Club of Dayton, Ohio has 161 members (and 74 Model 3’s owned).


It is my great honor to contribute my skills and experience on the EAA Board.