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Please use the links below for the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego. The links above are for the Electric Auto Association.

Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego - EV Rebates & Credits

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EV Rebates & Credits

Myth: EVs are just too expensive.

Truth: Did you know you can lease an EV for less than the cost of a cell phone? You can also trade a used gas car for a used EV.

Whatever your price point, there are many cost effective ways to drive electric. 
Let's take a look at the incentives for new car buyers . . .

There are
U.S. Federal tax CREDITS and State of California CASH rebates up to $13,000 for plug-in vehicles.* 

United States
Up to $7,500 in Federal Tax CREDITS against your tax liability, based on battery size, are available. If you do not have enough of a tax liability, a lease may allow the leasing company to take the tax credit and pass most or all of the credit back to the person leasing the vehicle.
US Federal Income Tax Credit !

State of California

California residents can get CASH rebates up to $4,500 for the purchase (or lease) of a new BEV or PHEV:
California Clean
Rebate Project

There is a pilot program only for San Diego County residents that allows residents to get pre-approved for the CA rebates. This allows the resident to apply the rebates toward the down-payment or purchase at the time of sale:
CA Rebate
Pre-Approval Program
San Diego County !

CA low to moderate income CASH rebates up to $2,000 are available based on the type of vehicle (BEV or PHEV) and income. For example, a CA rebate on a Nissan Leaf (BEV) of $2,500 is available, with an additional income based $2,000 CA rebate for low to moderate incomes. Higher income levels are excluded from this rebate: 
CA Income
Eligibility Rebate !

1st Responders, Police, Fire and Teachers
Contact SDG&E for details about their $1,000 Rebate:
Rebate Program !

HOV Lanes
Bypass the traffic. Plug-in electric vehicles are eligible to drive in CA car pool lanes with just one person. Visit the CA DMV website to apply for a sticker.
CA HOV Stickers

EVs are better, safer, faster . . .
Cheaper to own and operate . . .
Simply, a better technology.

Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego

Educating and Advocating for EVs since 1969

* Please consult a professional regarding leasing, rebates, tax credits or any other statements made here. Statements made here are believed to be correct, but are not guaranteed. Federal, state and local programs may change without notice. Please refer to the proper programs and governmental agencies for current details and requirements.