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Please use the links below for the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego. The links above are for the Electric Auto Association.

Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego - Favorite Videos

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EVAoSD - Favorite Videos

Find below a selection of Favorite Videos, EV Enthusiast YouTube Channels  and Additional Videos. Be sure to check out our EVAoSD Electric Vehicle Reviews tab for video reviews of many EV and PHEV vehicles.

Favorite Videos

Maintenance Video 

This funny video is less than 1 minute and is about the maintenance costs of an EV. Hint: Hardly any.
Drive Electric PSA - by Plug In America (1 minute)

EV Lifestyle Video

This video (<5 minutes) is about case stories of different lifestyles that work for EV owners.*
Hint: Driving electric works for all lifestyles.
Drive Electric PSA - by Monterey Bay EVA and Ecology Action (5 minutes)

*One SUV pictured here is a Toyota Rav4 PHEV. While no longer in production, the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV PHEV is in production and has great popularity with SUV lovers. See Outlander review below.

Electric Cars - Myths vs Facts
Great concise video that refutes the common arguments about owning an EV. By "Undecided with Matt Ferrell."
(Video - 18 Minutes):

Elon Musk is Interviewed about Tesla Autopilot - April 2019
Great interview by MIT's Lex Fridman - Podcast

Audio interview with our EVAoSD president, Elaine Borseth
Great interview with our president on Green Machine Radio with Dave Stall at the San Diego International Auto Show on Dec. 30, 2018.
(Elaine's interview starts at 22:50 and is about 13 minutes long).
CLICK HERE to listen.

Interview with our EVAoSD president, Elaine Borseth
Watch a fun interview of our president presented by Ben Sullins at Teslanomics (45 minutes)

Check out Elaine's Blog at

Disruption of Transportation 2020-2030
Technology Megatrends - Tony Seba
(Video - 37 minutes):

EV Revolution - Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield's presentation.
"Music, Muffins and Mayhem" a presentation at our monthly meeting March 2019. Nikki's personal journey to EV adoption. Nikki is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Transport Evolved.

Check out her YouTube channel: Transport Evolved 

TransPower Tour 2018
EVAoSD tours San Diego area Truck and Bus conversion company

Check out their website at


There are two kinds of cars...

Electric Cars & Global Warming Emissions
How much cleaner are EVs than gas cars? A study of total carbon impact of each from manufacture to driving to disposal. 
2 minutes 17 seconds

EV Enthusiast YouTube Channels

Now You Know

Be sure to check out their shows:
Now You Know - In Depth 
Tesla Time News
Check out their Know You Know YouTube Channel

Model 3 Owners Club - Canada

Check out their Model 3 Owners Club YouTube Channel

Check out the Fully Charged YouTube Channel

Check out the Teslanomics YouTube Channel - San Diego

Additional Videos

2018 Tesla Model S Delivery & Orientation - San Diego
Our very own EVAoSD member picks up her Tesla! (24 minutes)


Chris Harris Drives the Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla Model S/X/3 Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle (6 1/2 Minutes)

Be sure to check out our EVAoSD Electric Vehicle Reviews tab for video reviews of many EV and PHEV vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego

Educating and Advocating for EVs since 1967