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Please use the links below for the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego. The links above are for the Electric Auto Association.

Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego - Conversions

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Converted Electric Ferrari at the Auto show draws attention
Eric Hutchinson,

EVAoSD Converted Ferrari EV SD Auto Show 2017 from EVAoSD on Vimeo.

Conversions - Do you think about converting a favorite classic car from gas to electric?

Here are some references to those who can help.

EV Riders, San Diego - The individuals in this group are talented EV conversion experts with deep skills in taking out gas engines and converting to electric. They meet Saturday Mornings in a garage. You can pay a monthly fee to join them, using the garage for your conversion project. EV Riders is a non-profit that functions as a workshop, with members helping each other.

For further information, contact, Herman Persaud

If you wish to pay others to convert a car, here are 2 San Diego area based commercial conversion companies:

Eric Hutchinson, Electric GT, specialists in converting performance gas cars to electric.

Michael Bream, EV West,

For Conversion EV Owners:
You already own a converted electric car? Great! Join us. There are many of our events where we are asked to display classic conversion EVs. You will experience the fun of sharing the joy of driving electric and owning a conversion!

Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego

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