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Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego - Air Quality

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Air Quality
San Diego is the 7th most polluted U. S. city!  

We can cure the air!

Transportation is the largest single source of air pollution in the United States.
                                              Union of Concerned Scientists

Emissions from Cars and Trucks are making us sick. 

Plug-In to Clean Air 
                                                                         American Lung Association

By the Numbers:
Health damages avoided annually by a 100% plug in vehicle fleet in California:
524,000 Acute and upper respiratory symptoms
85,275 lost work and school days
54,593 asthma attacks and lower respiratory symptoms
983 premature deaths
713 heart attacks
711 resiratory ER visits and cardiac/respiratory     hospitalizations

What comes out of a tailpipe anyway? Learn More

Drive Electric. Cure the Air.

Join our Team "Drive Electric. Cure the Air."
Each November, we walk to support American Lung Association (ALA) in its fight for improved lung health.

Register Today!

Click to register --> Lung Force Walk 2018 - San Diego

Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego

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