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Please use the links below for the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego. The links above are for the Electric Auto Association.

Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego - About Us

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The Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego ( is the San Diego chapter of the Electric Auto Association ( and is an organization of electric car owners, electric car enthusiasts, and curious people who would just like to learn a little more about electric vehicles. We educate and advocate for rapid adoption of EV's, as well as support the EV community.

Electric vehicles are, quite simply, a better technology.

A technology whose time has come.

EV's are cleaner, faster, safer and cheaper to own and operate.

We welcome you to our community, which has, at its core, a spirit of voluntarism. We take care of our community with continuous learning opportunities, interesting speakers at our meetings and fun social events.

What We Do
As the voice for Electric Vehicles in San Diego, we have been educating and advocating for EV's since 1969. Our community of EV enthusiasts provides:

1. Monthly newsletter with up-to-date trends, new cars, used EV's for sale and more: EVAoSD Newsletter

2. EV owners / experts informing new car buyers of EV advantages and options at special EVAoSD Activities & Events: EVAoSD Activities

3. Conversion experts providing classes and guidance for gas to electric conversions: Conversions

4. Support for schools and university programs to teach and mentor students through hands on EV car building.

5. Activist support for government initiatives that accelerate EV adoption for the sake of our health, environment and future generations.

To get involved or for any questions, please contact the EVAoSD President:
EVAoSD Leadership

Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego

Educating and Advocating for EVs since 1967