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In 2008, Plug In America, a former chapter of Electric Auto, spun off in order to focus on advocacy to achieve more favorable legislation and policies to drive EV adoption. Today, Plug In America is a powerful force in national advocacy as well as consumer engagement, leading National Drive Electric Week, National Drive Electric Earth day and running its PlugStar Shopping Assistant and Dealer program (

In contrast to member supported, volunteer-powered Electric Auto, Plug In America employs paid professional staff, including lobbyists, and is predominantly funded by large corporate donors, some auto makers and utilities.
 Democratically, Electric Auto members vote to elect its Board of Directors and encourages self nominations. Plug In America's Board picks nominees and then votes to select Directors. Plug In America focuses at the national level. Electric Auto, working through its 80+ chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada, focuses most of its actions locally. 

Electric Auto and Plug In America work closely together towards our common goal of rapid EV adoption.