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Find the cost of EVs by zip code

Electric Vehicles For Sale

New Vehicles — Dealers

New Vehicles—Car Manufacturers


  • AC Propulsion (Mid-range to High-end EV market)
  • Green Vehicles Inc makes the Triac three wheel vehicle
  • Meyers Motors makes the Nmg  (No more gas) single seat three wheel vehicle
  • Phoenix Motorcars makes electric SUVs and SUTs. Currently available for fleet sales. Individuals can reserve one now for 2010 delivery
  • Tesla makes the Model S and Model X but soon the Model 3


  • Commuter Cars makes the Tango  (High-end for the moment)
  • Venturi makes the Fetish high-end sports car

Development / Prototype

New Vehicles — Neighborhood Electric Vehicle  (NEV) Manufacturers

Also known as Low Speed Vehicles  (LSVs)

New Vehicles—Bikes, scooters, motorcycles, off-road, etc. Manufacturers

New Vehicles—Industrial, Lawn, etc. Manufacturers

EV Converters, repairs, & kit or component suppliers

Plug-In Hybrid conversion kits

Conversion EVs for sale  (gas cars converted to Electric)

Use the sites below to find an EV to buy:

or if you have an EV for sale may submit your ad to each of the sites above.

Other resources

LINKS to nEVs, hybrids, and other EV information


The listings are provided for information purposes only. The Electric Auto Association makes no claims or endorsements of the companies or the products listed on our web pages. Similar to buying a gas car, You should do your homework  (talk to customers, contact the Better Business Bureau, read books and magazines, etc.), and then make your own educated buying decision.