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Electric Vehicle Information Flyers

The EAA publishes six information handouts targeted at the general public. These are typically purchased by chapters and handed out at events. They are a a great way to both increase awareness and bolster your chapter membership and activity levels.. A must have for meetings, shows and handy for individual members to hand out when the inevitable questions come from those who notice their driving electric! last updated August 2012 Form form includes three pages for half page or four to a page in color or four to a page in black and white.

Two sided tri-fold brochure, why you should be a member of the Electric Auto Association, with instructions for joining online.

EAA Member Brochure

The Truth About Auto Emissions


Convert to Electric Vehicles


Electric Vehicle Basics


Plug or Pump?


Electric Vehicle Basics


Electric Vehicles Today!!


High Gas Prices Got You Down?


Plug in a Car?


EAA promo flyers for dealers 

These are custom tailored tri-fold flyers for OEM dealers to give to prospective EV buyers to invite them to join the EAA for free for three months, and receive an electronic copy of Current EVents magazine without obligation. They can browse our archives and participate in the forums during that time. The promo code is on the flyer as well as instruction on how to make use of it.

At this time we offer Chevy VOLT, Nissan LEAF, Ford Focus EV, Coda, Mitsubishi 'i' and Tesla flyers. As other offerings emerge we'll add them as well.

Suggestions for distribution would be electronically, by USB thumb drive or email. Showing the representative a sample is fine, but keep it for your future needs (other dealer outlets). They have the money to reproduce sales literature, that not something the EAA will spring for. 

We encourage feedback on content or other suggestions.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Chevy VOLT PDF (733.96 KB)
GM Chevy Volt flyer 
Administration 4/15/2012
Tesla PDF (4.92 MB)
Tesla flyer 
Administration 4/14/2012
Nissan LEAF PDF (4.9 MB)
Nissan LEAF flyer
Administration 4/14/2012
Ford FocusEV PDF (4.97 MB)
Ford FocusEV BEV flyer
Administration 4/14/2012
Coda Sedan PDF (4.95 MB)
Coda BEV sedan flyer 
Administration 4/14/2012