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Directions for Event Insurance

Donations/Expense Reimbursement:

Income/Donation Submission Form

Expense Reimbursement Form

Consumer Engagement Tools:

Plug In America Buying Guide 

Plug-In America Charging Guide


EAA Logo


Mail In Membership App

Membership Benefits and Bonuses

Member Orientation, Training and Certification:

 Orientation Handbook

EV Event Coordinator Handbook

Chapter Development and Support:

Getting Started - For new chapters, and as a helpful checklist for existing chapters best practices. How to add non-members to your data base and more.

Ideas for New Chapter Priorities/Actions - For new chapters, and helpful ideas for existing chapters.

Sample Agenda 2 - This sample agenda shows not only the Speaker for the meeting but a regular monthly tradition of passing the membership basket To learn more, check it out. It's guaranteed to grow your membership!

Chapter Affiliation Form - Required for new chapters, and whenever existing chapters change their leaders and contact info.