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Interested in learning more about the newest EVs coming into the marketplace?  Or, sharing your EV experience with the community?  How about gatherings to exchange EV knowledge or bringing in speakers to learn about issues impacting EV adoption?   What about increasing the charging infrastructure at your workplace or apartment/condo complex?

It all starts with a chapter.  It just takes you and one other like-minded EV enthusiast to start an EAA Chapter, building to 5 paid members within 3 months, and growing from there.  We'll help you do it.  We'll provide the financial infrastructure (a "virtual bank account"), the non-profit status, base event insurance, business cards, help with getting started and more.  We'll assign an experienced national EAA board member to support with you.

Join us in accelerating car choices towards a better future! 
EVA of San Diego at National Drive Electric Week

Requirements for an EAA Chapter
1) Each chapter must file a statement of affiliation with the EAA by filling out the Chapter Affiliation form found on the menu tab: Documents/Forms/Chapter Affiliation Form. Email your form to  If a chapter fails to stay current, a new affiliation form will be required. It is recommended that a new affiliation form be submitted each year after elections, to be sure that data on the chapter is current.

2) Each chapter must have at least two officials who are current EAA members (dues must be current, failure to stay current could result in the chapter losing affiliation for the calendar year) -the President, Vice President, and/or Treasurer. Other suggestions would include a Secretary and Program Director. Variations on the above are acceptable; some groups have elected leaders with no official title or duties. Leaders are important to keep meetings focused and productive, as well as guide community outreach for education and advocacy.

3) Each chapter will hold a minimum of two (2) meetings or other events/activities per year. These meetings must be open to the general public and visitors from other chapters, without the requirement of membership to attend.

4) New Chapters have 3 months to achieve a full complement of 5 members from which to grow. Some new chapters have experienced rapid growth to 22 members in less than six months. Active chapters number 50+ members in metro areas. Rural areas may number 15 - 20 members.

5) Each chapter agrees to abide by EAA organizational bylaws found on the EAA site: Documents/Document Library/ Guidelines and Bylaws. These bylaws are subject to revisions over time, and are subject to California Non-Profit incorporation law changes. Chapter leaders are encouraged to review these bylaws often.

6) Each chapter agrees to abide by EAA's Code of Ethics found on the EAA site: Documents/Document Library/Guidelines and By Laws/Code of Ethics.

7) Chapter identity (your unique chapter name) will include the designation "EAA" or the words "Electric Auto Association" or the statement "affiliated with the Electric Auto Association” and should be included in the distribution of the chapter name and can include the EAA logo. Some chapters use EVA instead of EAA. Seattle and San Francisco are two such chapters.

Written by a Chapter President for Prospective Chapter Leaders: 

Chapter President's Guide

For more information, E-mail our New Chapter Director, Elaine Borseth: